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An Arena user account enables you to make much more use of the library, archive or museum's resources, and to contribute to Arena. When you log in to Arena, you are also logged in to every libary, museum and archive to which you and Arena have access. For example, if you are a member of three libraries, and those libraries are connected to Arena, when you log in to Arena, Arena logs you in to all three libraries automatically. When you have logged in to Arena, you may check what you have on loan, renew or reserve items, or see what Arena offers in a range of subject areas. You may also search for local clubs and organizations, or contact service providers to get help when you need it.

  • Some library, archive or museums may set up an Arena account for you automatically, and allow you to use your membership card number and PIN to login to Arena. In this case, there is no need for you to create a user account.
  • Arena supports several user account types. Each type grants you access to a different range of Arena's features.
  • You may log in to any of the portals and sub-portals in a portal site.

If you use Arena without logging in, Arena will treat you as Guest (see above). The Guest user account is anonymous and therefore requires no login. However, while all Arena controls remain visible to you as Guest, you may only use the navigation, viewing and searching portlets of Arena. You may not renew loans, reserve items, write reviews, or post comments.

How to create a user account

Any member of a library, archive or museum which has Arena, may create a user account.

  1. Find your membership card, and locate on it your membership number and PIN.
  2. Use your web browser to navigate to the Arena Welcome page.
  3. In the Login panel, click Create new user. The Create User ID panel will open.
  4. In Nickname type the name by which you wish to be known when logged in to Arena. For tips and rules nicknames see Community Guidelines.
  5. In New password type your preferred password. It must be at least six characters long.
  6. In New password confirmation type your preferred password again. This ensures that you have not mistyped the password.
  7. In Email type your e-mail address.
  8. Click Save. Arena will log you in automatically, using your new your account.
  9. You may now edit your user account, as follows
    1. Below Password click Edit to edit your password.
    2. Below Nickname click Edit to edit your nickname.
    3. Below Email click Edit to edit your email address.
  10. If you have membership to any of the libraries listed, you may link these to your Arena use account now. To do this, click Link my library card, and then proceed as follows:
    1. In Card number type your membership number.
    2. In Card PIN type your membership PIN.
    3. Tick I have read and accept the terms of use. To read the terms of use click Read the Arena terms of use.
    4. Click Register card to add this membership card to your Arena user account.

When you have created your user account, you may login and logout of it, and manage it in My Profile and My Pages.

How to close a user account

You cannot close an Arena account from within Arena. Contact an Arena administrator for advice about having your account closed.

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