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About Arena

Arena transforms your library, archive and museum membership into a whole new experience based on sharing your interests and discoveries.

With Arena you can build and share your own virtual library, meet and stay in touch with other Arena users, rate and review books, movies and music, read and write articles, and more.

Arena gives you access to many library, archive and museum catalogues - not just your local branch catalogue. Search all of them at once to find just what you want, then reserve it online, and collect it from your preferred branch.

If you have not used Arena before see Getting started.

To learn about Arena help wiki see About ArenaWiki.

Web browser add-ins

Google gears banner.png

Arena may be configured to enable access to other websites. For example, it may be configured to enable you to extend or continue a search at an online book store or via a search engine. In certain circumstances, this may cause web browser add-ins, such as Google Gears, to be invoked. See Legal Notices.

Arena technology


Arena is built using technology developed by Axiell and Liferay. To learn more about Liferay see the Liferay website

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