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==Welcome to the home of ArenaWiki==

Arena comes with a help package called ArenaWiki. Each version of Arena has its own version of ArenaWiki in several languages.

The following ArenaWikis are available. 

*[[Arena 1.5:Main Page|Arena 1.5]]

*[[Arena 2.0:Main Page|Arena 1.9 and Arena 2.0]]

Each ArenaWiki available here is the master copy for the associated version of Arena. For example, ArenaWiki 2.0 is the master copy for Arena 2.0. Each ArenaWiki is written originally in English. The master copies are then translated into other languages. The translations and a copy of the original English master, make a complete set of ArenaWikis that are made available for the associated version of Arena.

[[Image:Axiell_banner.png|88px|right|Axiell]]Copyright Axiell Library Group 2009-{{CURRENTYEAR}}.
Further legal notices and acknowledgements are provided within each ArenaWiki.</rev>